Dose 1 Day 0

Gate pass

Vaccinated. The sticker stays for 30 more minutes. Let’s click some photographs, they do have a nice deck.

Driving home, mixed feelings of immortality and anxiety. Heard tales of the storm, literally raining outside. Am I feeling a bit tipsy? Am I drunk?

Finished office work, so far so good. Regular imbibed tiredness. Checked up on some colleagues, kind of similar encounters.

More weary feeling, dried mouth, mild throbbing pain in and around the injected area, kind of loose neck and limbs, you know that feeling when you are fine but still…

I live in a concrete jungle, I have my people with me, and food to eat. Now all I can do is wear that crown of indifference, bomb clad with jewels of selective criticism, nit-picking the should-haves’, and could-be’s.

But it all falls apart.

It was drizzling since morning, and the markets had closed by early afternoon, there were police patrols ensuring closure before noon.

Deep down we all wanted to hear that famous news monologue, that the winds have turned to Bangladesh.

Late afternoon that Ma and I saw the tree right across from me, uprooting from…


A month ago when I left office, we were touching 500, and now we are at 21k. No matter how much we want to bask in the limelight of “biggest lock down”, we simply cannot afford it. India is big, and we are a LOT of people. If everyone in India started social distancing, a quarter of us would reach Russia. We are not a developed Nation, we don’t have a sustainable economy, and we don’t have an affordable healthcare system to top it off, all we have are blabbermouths.

Until March end, we did not take this seriously…

Day #Whatever, too many to process

The “rich” think money is never a problem, everyone is supposed to have it, and that you can live well off with pay cuts. They wouldn’t know about your bills, rising credit, and how you manage your expenses with your meagre salary, and what it means to have even a day’s pay cut.

The “rich” wouldn’t know you have to run to the market yourself when you run out of commodities at home. It’s scary outside and you are not privileged to send your “domestic help”.

The “rich” wouldn’t know that you are not…

Day 7,8,9

It’s Monday, got up, got dressed, and sat down to work. By dressed I mean, put on the basic clothes. Same shit, new day.

We have started playing board games at night. Kind of fun, I mean loads of fun.

Okay, this shit is boring now!

Okay, this shit is boring now! Office is up my arse. There’s no shift. Nothing, you are just supposed to be present always. Been some days I have started feeding the dogs in my neighbourhood. They have grown in number. And, finally, I can touch a few, they have that trust, now.

Office and I are going bonkers!


Its Sunday, who could’ve known. Are we working today? Texts from boss, so yes it is. Apparently, we are ramping up our company website. Really? Really, now? Anyway, usual conundrums, nothing to bleh about.

Lunch was pathetic, may be feeling the brunt now. But, it’s okay.

It’s Sunday, and I cannot even meet Juliet. Do I miss her? Sort of.

Fed the new pups, even my usual ones were fed. This guy sends photographs, how sweet. It’s kind of a mixed feeling to see my babies on camera.

We are again playing board games today. It brings out the kid in us.

Okay, dinner beckons.

Juliet fights with me over not being able to call. Network issues, I tell you. They are a bitch. Sexting again, oh, school days.

Still sleeping to Juliet’s lullaby, we both decided to donate to an NGO for feeding stray dogs, she’s supposed to call them, while I attend my Videocon. Don’t I love her, ah! He goes out every night feeding the strays in and around this place. What a noble guy! I am smitten. Contributed little to what we could. My sister and I decided to feed the strays in our immediate neighbourhood, my dog gave away her midday meal, I mean, we asked her, she didn’t bark or anything. Silence is consent. Oh, this little baby.

Okay, Juliet…

Finally Juliet woke me up today. Had to go to the market. Got my old prescriptions to show-cause if stopped, as a precaution. So much dust on the car. Anyway, the streets are kind of empty, given the markets generally open up in the morning. I reached my local market, and a PCR van parked in front me. I am not a fearful person, but these days everyone is frustrated. Took my bag, and followed the cops, they addressed on loudspeakers how to maintain safe distance. I reached for the medicine shop to buy the pills for…

Purposely missed boss’s call at 1000 hours. Boss seems to be the new Juliet, waking me up every day. But, why this heartache, I ask; I have been in these clothes since day before yesterday, but, eh, who cares. Apparently, I am a part of another Office WhatsApp group this morning, 18th one this. No purpose, just nod ‘Yes, Sir’. Back at making strategies, but I am rationing on cigarettes which perturbs my free-thinking. Free-thinking in a capitalist society is a hoax, in the end your thoughts must reflect tangible profit.

Juliet still on her online lessons…

Woke up to a few calls from the sales guy, couldn’t transfer files from mail to WhatsApp. Thank you for waking me up for this ground breaking work. Today I relax with no immediate job at hand, as most are just pending higher up. Called Juliet, she has classes. Called for my dog, she is pretty convinced I’m going to work, and waiting on an opportunity to hijack my bed. She looks disappointed now. Brushed those cobwebs off the corners, and here my boss calls, how I am on surveillance. Amended the urgency with insurgency. He seized…


looking for the reset key.

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